The keywords are simplicity and charisma as Gergiev shows the young conductors how he works, as he passes on his wisdom to the next generation with warmth, humour and outstanding educational skill.

Gergiev’s profound wisdom is inspirational and can be used in many situations besides conducting, and his general remark that it is all about the way you communicate with others – the way you treat others – makes a huge impact on the young conductors. With an intense gaze and with few, but well-chosen words, such as “co-operate with the atmosphere”, Gergiev takes the young conductors to a different level in their work. Simplicity is also the core of the brilliant film that Sonia Herman Dolz has made – and like the work of Gergiev, it may look simple but most certainly is not. It took extraordinary filmmaking skills to make this well-crafted film, based solely on the two meetings the young conductors have with Gergiev.

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