The Most Secret Place On Earth: The Cia’s Covert War In Laos

Marc Eberle

Germany, 2008, 75 min and 52 min

The Secret War in Laos became the largest covert operation ever conducted by the CIA. In The Most Secret Place on Earth filmmaker Mark Eberle describes how a covert CIA proxy war corrupted a country, destroyed a civilization and mushroomed into the largest aerial war in history.

IT WAS CALLED the “secret war”. Its secrecy derived originally from the fact that the U.S. would not admit its involvement in what was formally a neutral country – Laos – caught in the midst of the Indochina conflicts of 1950 to 1975. Yet, this “secret war” would result in a bombing campaign in which bombs were falling on the people of the Laotian interior every eight minutes for nine years.

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