Ukraine – a debate

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Modern Times Review
Published date: April 19, 2014

Frontline Club, Oslo, filmed by Truls Lie.

Screening of short films from the cinema collective Babylon 13, and a part of the new film EuroMaidan (rough cut) from the Ukrainian DocuDays film festival. Followed by a debate about Maidan as a civil movement, and the future political perspectives of Ukraina.

Maidan means “square” in Ukrainian. On 30th November 2013 hundreds of thousands of people occupied the Square of Independence in Kiev to show their protest against the cruelty of the special police units. For millions of Ukrainians it is now a symbol of struggle against corruption, dictatorship and lawlessness of the regime.

The recent events in Ukraine have been mainly analyzed as a geo-political game between Russia and the West. The focus of this event will be on the role of the civil society in the protest. Babylon 13 short movies will let you feel the atmosphere of the Ukrainian Revolution. You will see the faces of common protesters and hear their motivation. We will follow the major events of the uprising and discuss them in the course of the screening.

In the Frontline Club panel debate the producer of Babylon 13 Denys Vorontsov, together with film-maker and witness of Maidan Tetyana Kryvytska Stang Lund + Gunnar Ekeløve-Slydal from the Helsingfors Comitee and Bjørn Nistad, (writer, previous University of Oslo), will discuss the influence of the civil society on Maidan as opposed to politics – and the future political situation for Ukraine.
Vorontsov will present Babylon 13 as cinema of a civil protest and describe what he and his colleagues have witnessed in Kiev and other parts of Ukraine while filming the uprising. Two of his colleagues, cameramen, were recently kidnapped in Crimea.
Moderator is Truls Lie from Le Monde diplomatique.

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