Blood Must Flow

Peter Ohlendorf

Germany 2012, 87m

Six years on, he has succeeded in filming around fifty undercover shoots. Documentarian Peter Ohlendorf filmed Thomas Kuban on his journey across Germany and Europe to revisit venues where Kuban had secretly filmed. The film focuses on political decision-makers, authorities and ordinary citizens.

What’s the greatest threat to German national security? Islamic terrorism, according to the Interior Ministry. That’s no surprise in a lingering post-911 climate of tensions between religious ideologies and oil. Okay, so what’s next? Left-wing extremism. But what about the rising Right? This is the central question posed by undercover journalist Thomas Kuban in the documentary “Blood Must Flow” – Undercover Among Nazis, which investigates the clandestine community of far-right-wing rockers across Germany’s rural areas. In recent news, ten murders in Germany – nine men (most of them of Turkish origin) and one policewoman – have taken place since 2000, but the neoNazi gang blamed for their deaths has emerged only recently.

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