Vivre À Tazmamart

Davy Zylberfajn

France, 2005, 72 min.

From 1973 to 1991 these “disappeared” persons struggled to stay alive and not lose the hope that one day they would see their families again. Officially, King Hassan II of Morocco denied the very existence of the Tazmamart prison, but in 1991 the king gave in to international pressure and ordered the release of the eighteen prisoners who had survived.


We meet five of these men, now in their fifties or sixties, in Davy Zylberfajn’s documentary “Vivre à Tazmamart”. The director never shows the prison, and he does not take the prisoners back to the place where they suffered. Instead he films the men telling their stories in long takes that leave time for reflection and sharing with the characters.

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