Mikael Wiström and Alberto Herskovits. Sweden

Sweden 2010, 82 min.

Peruvian Nati Barrientos is about to leave her family for the first time in her life to work in Spain, hoping to provide a better future for her husband and children. Back home, Daniel struggles to keep the household together. He tries to make himself and his son forget their hardships. Their growing bond becomes an increasingly important part of the ties that keep the family together. Working hard on the other side of the Atlantic, Nati initially enjoys the reprieve from the daily strain of family conflicts. But that feeling is soon replaced by the loneliness of an immigrant.


What does globalization really that means to us? Maybe that question cannot be answered by those comfortably living in the modern Western world. Maybe it can only be answered by those who experience the downside. Natividad Barrientos is one of them. Nati and her partner Daniel have always worked hard to make ends meet. They managed to move up from straw mats to a wooden shack and finally to a brick house. But as a result of their hard work, Nati feels she has neglected her children and never enjoyed them, and Daniel regrets his harshness with his girls. They don’t want their youngest son, Natanael, to suffer the same fate, so Nati and Daniel aim to give him the best opportunities in life. But they simply do not make enough money to ensure this, so when Nati gets the opportunity to work in Spain, she cannot decline. Her hope is that Nata can come to study there. But we soon learn that this is not realistic. Nati’s salary is far from sufficient. So there goes another dream…

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