Two testaments over life

HELL: Is it possible to simultaneously touch on four major themes, such as sin and evil, the desire for knowledge and conquest, relationships and competition, or the fear of death itself? Let me try in this essay – about Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Dante.

The war – and the crowd

EDITORIAL: As MODERN TIMES REVIEW editor, I publish a selection of articles that may reflect different opinions most people (the crowd) have about the war in Ukraine.

The romanticisation of lived reality under the totalitarian régime

DARK RED FOREST: The director leaves us only to guess his true intention – honesty or paying lip service to the propaganda?

To Hear Children Weeping in a Photograph

PHOTOGRAPHY: The journalistic war photos that we have, unfortunately, seen so frequently in recent months are primarily meant to inform us about the conflict. However, they often strive to take on a subjective character and become political actors. Photographs of suffering children play a special role in this transformation. What role?

The displaced narrator

VIEWS: Personal essay films are growing in impact and meaning.

Blindspots: Michael Winterbottom’s ‘Dark Matter: Independent Filmmaking in the 21st Century’

VIEWS: Beginning with a flawed premise, British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom's book of interviews does not provide the full picture.

Land for us all – or for no one?

Crossing Europe: Four films that take a multifaceted look at the economic, ecological, and social importance of land.

The warlike mindset

UKRAINE: What is it about our modern way of life that promotes such hostility and military - technological «solutions»?

NATO, Russia, and Ukraine in Modern Documentary

With today's news, Modern Times Review has put together an ongoing list of documentaries featured across our pages highlighting the conflict from all its...

A cruel game by Hitler’s favourite filmmaker, exposed

HISTORY: Nina Gladitz’s film about Roma and Sinti survivors of Shoah has been hidden in the WDR archive since 1982. Reactions to her book show we live in times when searching for the truth and giving voice to the weakest in societysociety causes suspicion, not respect. But simply accepting that such are the times might be the real problem.

Film editing – classical or not?

Editorial: After 40 years as film editor, Niels Pagh Andersen now has written an inspiring book combined with video interviews with 8 filmmakers. What did he learn on this long voyage?

Massive change

BRUCE MAU: How about a look back over 30 years, to be able to see and act into the future?