Doclisboa Full Programme-MTR
Kubrick on Kubrick, a film by Gregory Monro

The 18th Doclisboa will feature 206 films, 31 world premieres, and 30 international premieres, spread over the six moments of the festival between October 2020 and March 2021.

This year, Doclisboa invites the public to accompany the festival on a six-month journey through different programmatic themes:

  • Signals (October 22 to November 1)
  • Movements (November 5 to 11)
  • Spaces of Intimacy (December 3 to 9)
  • So Many Stories Left Untold (January 14 to 20)
  • Archives of the Time Being (February 4 to 10)
  • Where I’m Coming From, Where I’m Going To (March 4 to 10)

Specifically, the first session, Signals, will feature:

  • Nheengatu – The Language of the Amazon Forest (dir. José Barahona)
  • Mon Amour (dir. David Teboul)
  • Riverock (dir. Paula Gaitán)
  • War (dir. José Oliveira, Marta Ramos)
  • Chelas Nha Kau (dir. Bataclan 1950 and Bagabaga Studios)
  • Kubrick by Kubrick (dir. Gregory Monro)
  • (Retrospective) Permanent Travel – The Restless Cinema of Georgia
  • Body of Work programme
  • Cinema of Urgency, programmed by the collective Mentuwajê Guardians of Culture and SOS Racismo

Over the following months, the festival will also present the latest films by Maria Clara Escobar, Luciana Fina, Mouaad el Salem, and Cláudia Varejão, as well as Paula Gaitán, Frederick Wiseman, and Radu Jude. It will also feature world premieres such as Life in Common (dir. Diogo Pereira) and Visions of the Empire (dir. Joana Pontes).

Find the full programme & more information – HERE