24th Mecal Barcelona set to wind down with week-long documentary activities

    The 24th edition of Mecal, International Short Film and Animation Festival of Barcelona, goes into its home stretch with, amongst other programmes, its documentary selections.

    The last week of the Mecal kicks off with five sessions of Documentary competition and various parallel sections, dedicated to different genres (Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy and Erotica, among other genres. And, like every year, Mecal organizes a series of parallel activities aimed at both students and professionals from the world of cinema, as well as the general public. In the context of documentary, Mecal will hold the meeting of The Barcelona Documentary Club, a meeting of creatives and professionals specialized in the documentary genre.

    This same week there is also the special session on April 7 where a selection of short films proposed by different festivals that claim the role of festivals in promoting European cinema will be screened. That same day will also feature parallel sessions Rural World and The Dark Face of Tourism.

    Mecal will also offer Social Day in its final stretch, which includes Womart, Go Green, Immigration and LGTBIQ+ These are sessions aimed at promoting the values ​​that are part of the Festival’s DNA, freedoms – sexual and gender diversity, equality and the denunciation of environmental problems.

    Mecal will also have a pitching coaching for documentaries with a consultancy that will take place on the 8th April by Stephanie Von Lukowicz, philologist, journalist and founder of LUKIMEDIA.

    Finally, there will also be a masterclass presented by audiovisual documentary filmmaker Lisa Berger, who will explain how to search for and license archive images. The Festival will also offer a masterclass on how to manage an international production, in which the researcher, documentary filmmaker and production assistant, Davina Breillet, will pass on the essential tricks to fulfil and survive a production of such scale. In the Powerful Voices masterclass, Sarah Davison, broadcaster and actress, will teach the keys to select the right voice and how to get the best out of it to add strengths to the documentary. Finally, Corina Schwingruber, through a meeting, will share her creative process, such as where the ideas to create her films come from, how she develops and transforms the idea into a film or how she establishes her relationship with the subjects of her documentaries.

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