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26th Ji.hlava IDFF unveils 2022 visual identity, early programme highlights

The 2022 Ji.hlava IDFF has announced the first programme highlight of this year’s edition – the latest film by legendary surrealist filmmaker Jan Švankmajer entitled Kunstkamera, which will screen its two-hour director’s cut as a World Premiere.

Additionally, the visual identity of the 26th edition has been revealed. The creator, Juraj Horváth, is an award-winning book graphic designer and illustrator who has been the creator of the festival’s visual identity for over two decades, including the celebrated EMERGING PRODUCERS catalogues. See the poster below and its corresponding poem.


A Posteriori

Explosion of light on the retina
Left eye inked with indigo
Fixed, not blinking
A smudged image
The shadow of a moving probe
Followed by the camera

As time goes by
I place under the matrix
Hairpins, seeds
Contours of faces, bodies
Signs to decipher
Without the help of machines
Only by touch
Fingertips and palms
I exert pressure
And create
Layer by layer
I go with the flow

I make fire in the stove

I’m surrounded
With samples, paints and tools
Everything has its place
I pick them up repeatedly
I use them
And then I clean up

I often do nothing
I’m waiting
I step out
Apricots are in bloom

At moments like these
I’m not watching the news
Answering the phone
Thinking about you
Or about the war

The 26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival will take place from October 25 to 30, 2022 in Jihlava and move online for the 2 following weeks. European filmmakers are invited to submit their projects to the Ji.hlava New Visions Forum & Market 2022 (Deadline: August 22), and rough cuts and films that have not had a festival world premiere yet are iinvited to apply to Ji.hlava IDFF through 31 July.

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