TRAUMA: The aftermath of sexual assault, its causes and effects, through intimate testimonies of survivors.
Carmen Gray
Carmen Gray
Freelance film critic and regular contributor to Modern Times Review.
Published date: August 15, 2020

«People don’t understand it’s not just a one-day, or one-month, event,» a survivor says in filmmaker Danijela Stajnfeld’s documentary on the aftermath and impact of sexual assault, Hold Me Right. Stajnfeld’s initial motivation for making the feature was highly personal, as she had abruptly ended a promising theatre career in Serbia and fled to the United States after a very well-known figure had raped her. Feeling his celebrity made it too dangerous to speak out against him, she sought another way to gain agency over the traumatic event that was quietly eating away at her. Her testimony-based gathering of the experiences from a wide range of sexual assault survivors in the States creates a resonant sense of solidarity. No two stories are the same, but all grapple with trauma as a burden that must be continually negotiated. The film emphasises that this power abuse is structurally entrenched — and widespread.

Hold Me Right-sexual assault-documentary-post1 Hold Me Right, a film by Danijela …

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