Tag: rape

Turning trauma into strength
(City of Joy)

The story of the safe haven that empowers women who have suffered sexual violence in Congo and the sisterhood this place creates.

«God counts the tears of women»

Hanaa (2017) describes the life and destiny of four young women around the world and how through myths, superstitions and beliefs patriarchal will is imposed on them.

Women’s expression: Two shorts from the Berlinale

The thought provoking realities of Jayisha Patel’s shortfilm Circle, stands in stark contrast to the realities of the cotton-picking corner of Alabama – portrayed in Maris Curran's short While I Yet Live.

Sexism and racism, hand in hand
(The Rape of Recy Taylor)

A timely documentary about the horrific rape and compelling bravery of Recy Taylor.

Je suis Jyoti
(India’s Daughter)

The documentary about the brutal rape of Jyoti Singh paints a frightening picture of the way women are viewed in Indian culture.