All the documentaries competing for the 2021 Cannes L’Oeil d’Or

    There will be 27 documentaries competing for the Cannes L’Oeil d’Or in 2021. The festival will also recognise Frederick Wiseman with the Carrosse d’Or and Marco Bellocchio with a Palme d’honneur. The jury will reward the creator of the prize-winning documentary on 17 July as part of Cannes Docs – Marché du Film Doc Day.

    2021 L’Oeil d’Or selections

    • The Velvet Underground (dir. Todd Haynes) – USA
    • Cow (dir. Andrea Arnold) – UK
    • Jane par Charlotte (dir. Charlotte Gainsbourg) – France
    • Jfk Revisited: Through The Looking Glass (dir. Oliver Stone) – USA
    • Marx può aspettare (Marx can wait) (dir. Marco Bellocchio) – Italy
    • Val (dir. Ting Poo, Leo Scott) – USA
    • Babi Yar, Context (sir. Sergei Loznitsa) – Ukraine
    • Machbarot Shchorot (dir. Shlomi Elkabetz) – Israel
    • H6 (dir. Ye Ye) – France
    • Mariner of the mountains (dir. Karim Anouz) – Brazi, France, Germany
    • The Year Of The Everlasting Storm (dir. various) – USA, Singapour, Iran, Chili, Thailand
    • New Worlds: The Cradle of Civilization (dir. Andrew Muscato) – USA, Greece
    • The Story of Film: A New Generation (dir. Mark Cousins) – UK
    • Animal (dir. Cyril Dyon) – France
    • Bigger Than Us (dir. Flore Vasseur) – France
    • I Am So Sorry (dir. Zhao Liang) – France, China
    • Invisible Demons (dir. Rahul Jain) – India, Finland, Germany
    • Above Water (dir. Maissa Maiga) – France, Belgium
    • The Velvet Queen (dir. Marie Amiguet) – France
    • Buñuel: un cineasta surrealista (dir. Javier Espada) – Spain
    • Flickering Ghosts of Love Gone By (dir. Andre Bonzel) – France
    • All About Yves Montand (dir. Yves Jeuland) – France
    • Satoshi Kon, l’illusionniste (dir. Pascal-Alex Vincent) – Japan, France
    • The Storms of Jeremy Thomas (dir. Mark Cousins) – UK
    • A Night of Knowing Nothing (dir. Payal Kapadia) – Indiav
    • Returning to Reims (Fragments) (dir. Jean-Gabriel Periot) – France
    • Futura (dir. Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi, Alice Rohrwaher) – Italy
    • Ghost Song (dir. Nicolas Peduzzi) – Italy
    • Soy Libre (dir. Laura Portier) – France
    • Vedette (dir. Claudine Bories, Patrice Chanard) – France
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