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Understanding Hizbollah
(Faith and Resistance)

Faith and Resistance argues that religion and rational thought are compatible.

State of repression

Recently opened archival material from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq paints a different picture of the brutal dictatorship.

The difficult Jewish compromise
(Covered Up)

Covered Up is an emotional trip marking one woman’s struggle between personal choice and ultra-orthodox Jewish tradition.

Fear of the stranger
(The German)

Noga Nezer turns a personal experience into a thought-provoking film about fear and stereotypes.

Parallel lives at the West Bank
(Omar’s Dream/ Avidan’s Dream)

A coupling of Biblical panoramas showing breathtaking sunrises and tranquil landscapes highlight the comparative heaven and hell of how differently someone’s birth and their dreams can collide contingent on context.

The Muslim brotherhood and the West

In his latest book, Martyn Frampton argues that the Muslim Brotherhood is a contradictory establishment, but its contradictions are also part of its successes.

A moral duty to tell
(The wall and the gate)

Israeli lawyer Michael Sfard presents a new take on human rights battles within the occupied Palestinian territories.