Steffen Moestrup 24 POSTS


The sweat of labour
(Move Fast and Break Things)

The book Move Fast and Break Things criticises Google, Facebook and Amazon sharply, but is at the same time partly romantic and crude.

The devil is in the distractions

Solitude is an occasionally interesting reflection on the many qualities of loneliness in a time where we’re almost always connected with others.

The Common Man’s Party
(An Insignificant Man)

Media criticism. Indian documentary An Insignificant Man is an interesting example of how a political movement can begin and achieve authority.

Take a look at Europe through the eyes of a six year old child
(Mama Europa)

Mother Europe gave birth to many children. She raised them with love and with care. Among the children were Belgium and the twins called Denmark. Mother Europe kept having children.

The don drapers of manipulation
(Underhand Tactics)

We don’t want to be fooled by commercials. But rational thinking cannot decide what our reptilian brain wants to do. This is what neuromarketing is all about.

Fragmentary days in Mumbai

INDIA: A new generation of indian filmmakers deals with documentary films in so many different ways. Steffen Moestrup reports from Mumbai international Film Festival.

The image is a recurring one. Again and again we are witnesses to it
(Good Garbage)

The unloading of yet another truckload of garbage. The metal machine opens and out comes a truckload of plastic bottles, rotten vegetables, household waste, old scrap metal and other objects typically found in a pile of garbage.


Steffen Moestrup examines the borderland between visual anthropology and documentary filmmaking and finds a wealth of interesting and useful reflections.

With us or against us
(Putin’s Kiss)

Putin’s Kiss is an interesting look at the Kremlin-loyal youth party Nashi but the film does not get down to the roots and lacks reflection.

DOCUMENTARY STORYTELLING - CREATIVE NONFICTION ON SCREEN. Author: Sheila Curran Bernard, Focal Press, 386 pages,

Sheila Curran Bernard’s Documentary Storytelling is a wellstructured and easily read book on how to create a documentary. It just gets a little too banal and template-minded now and then.