Before Flying Back To The Earth

Arunas Matelis.

Lithuania 2005, 51 min.

It is first and foremost a film about children and their incredible ability to accept things that we as adults find unbearable, their way of just living, always moving and playing, with drops and tubes hanging from their bodies, all these bald children running around or intensely concentrating on whatever they are doing. Yet one mother describes her feelings: on the one hand, she is glad to observe that the hospital doesn’t make her son depressed anymore; on the other, she finds it sad that he accepts his fate so easily – as she thinks he should be living a different life, outside the hospital.

But we don’t get outside the hospital, the universe of the film is inside. From time to time we see short clips of the hospital building from the outside, the changing lights, the changing seasons. But inside, time doesn’t change, only the mental state between hope, sorrow and joy and the physical state between feeling fine and being ill.


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