Before The Flood

Yan YuLi Yifan

China 2005, 150 min

Film shows the human effects of one of history’s grandest social engineering projects that reflecting the loss of both home and heritage

It is being built to generate electricity and to control the frequent floods along the river. But when finished, the dam will result in the permanent flooding of a huge area of fertile farmland, historical sites and the homes of almost two million people. The town of Fengjie, the setting of many famous poems by Li Bai, an important Tang Dynasty poet, was flooded back in 2002. Li Yifan and Yan Yu visited Fengjie during 2002 when the population were to be relocated just before the town was flooded. They capture the frustration of the people as they are forced to leave their homes and at the same time have to fight with the local officials to be relocated and compensated, which clearly isn’t being properly taken care of.

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