Prize winner: Blinded by the limelight

    MEDIA: The media's place in a changing society and an interesting cross-section of Georgian country life.
    Director: Salomé Jashi
    Producer: Salomé Jashi, Gregor Streiber, Urte Fink
    Country: Georgia/Germany 2016.

    One of the first scenes of the documentary The Dazzling Light of Sunset, which was awarded best debut film during the Swiss documentary festival Visions du Reel last spring, shows a close up of a light blue sea against a grey sky, surrounded by rocks and trees. However, looking closer, we notice seams in the landscape and realise quickly that we are in fact staring at a wallpaper, a faded and worn wallpaper.

    This optical illusion frames the office of journalist Dariko Beria and acts as an indicator of what is to come. Together with a colleague, Dariko works at the local TV-channel in a Georgian village. The two use their days to film and report on the region’s big and small news. Most are small: a village street receives a new and decorative pavement; a farmer has caught a rare owl; a beauty pageant for 12-year olds is underway; a wedding took place. Dariko is present to capture it all, but it is not through her camera we are introduced to these scenes – she stays mostly in the background, as a part of the story told . . .

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    Live Ø. Danielsen
    Danielsen is permanent film critic in New Time.
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