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Cannes Docs – Marché du Film to showcase 8 distinct festivals and organisations as part of 2021 docs-in-progress

Each year, Cannes Docs partners with festivals and organisations from around the world to showcase curated selections of docs-in-progress.

These projects, which tend to be in the finalisation stage, aim to hit the circuit within the imminent future. The docs-in-progress are primarily designed for decision makers looking for fresh new titles, but also for those in search of post-production funding, general gap financing, and co-production opportunities.

All showcases are composed of four projects, each presented as a pitch and a 10-minute rough cut excerpt.

This year, all the showcases will be presented both onsite (9-12 July) and online (6-9 July).

The 2021 docs-in-progress selections

  • Showcase Canada: TeleFilm Canada, RIDM, and Hot Docs join forces to present four diverse Canadian stories.
  • Showcase Chile: ChileDoc, ProChile and the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage highlight emerging filmmakers from Chile.
  • Showcase CIRCLE: Four projects born from the CIRCLE Women Accelerator programme.
  • Showcase Italy: Festival dei Popoli, Torino Film Festival, Toscana Film Commission, and Piemonte Film Commission showcase Italian talents.
  • Showcase Palestine: Four projects presented by the Palestine Film Institute.
  • Showcase ParisDOC: Presented by the professional platform from Cinema du Reel, four projects ready for selection and sale.
  • Showcase Sheffield: Showcase presented by Sheffield Doc/Fest presenting outsnading new cinema from across the globe.
  • Showcase South Asia: International Film Initiative of Bangladesh will present four documentary films from South Asia at advanced stages of post production.

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