Chilean Delegation to present diverse selection of films across IDFA programmes

    The 35th International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is set to kick off on 9 November with a nearly two-week run through 20 November 2022. As the world’s documentary industry descends on the Dutch capital, each represented country provides its premiere non-fiction content across screening sections and industry activities. Here, Modern Times Review shines a spotlight on the Chilean Delegation with the help of ChileDoc, whose three productions and co-productions are on offer at IDFA 2021.

    Aside from the feature and mid-length-screening films, Chile will bring several films to Docs for Sale. Below, you will find the complete list of Chilean productions and co-productions that will feature across IDFA 2022. All filmmakers involved in the Official and IDFA Forum Selections will be present on-site in Amsterdam throughout the festival.

    My Imaginary Country, a film by Patricio Guzmán
    My Imaginary Country, a film by Patricio Guzmán

    Best of Fests

    • Alis (dir. Clare Weiskopf, Nicolas van Hemelryck; prod. Alexandra Galvis and Radu Stancu) – Colombia, Romania, Chile

      For five years, filmmakers Clare Weiskopf and Nicolas van Hemelryck gave film workshops to the captivating residents of Bogotá’s La Arcadia home for teenage girls, whose powerful personalities make their poignant stories of abuse all the more compelling.


    • My Imaginary Country (dir. Patricio Guzmán; prod. Renate Sachse) – Chile, France

      The acclaimed Chilean documentary filmmaker Patricio Guzmán, who, after filming the trilogy of After the Nostalgia for Light, The Pearl Button, and The Cordillera of Dreams; returns to Chile to film the new political processes in the country after 2019.

    Envision Competition

    • My Lost Country (dir. Ishtar Yasin Gutiérrez; prod. Ishtar Yasin Gutiérrez) – Costa Rica, Iraq, Chile, Egypt

      A visit to the Theater Department of the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad creates a film is a longing for a lost country, imagined and conquered, taking viewers on a personal journey through different continents and latitudes.

    • Notes for a Film (dir. Ignacio Agüero; prod. Tehani Staiger, Viviana Erpel, Amalric de Pontcharra) – Chile, France

      A sensitive cinematic space that meanders through past and present, and human and geographic landscapes, to reveal the deep essence of the Araucanía territory.

    Chile IDFA 2022 Soy niño Lorena Zilleruelo
    Soy niño, a film by Lorena Zilleruelo

    IDFA Forum 2022

    • The Eternal Memory (dir. Maite Alberdi; prod. Maite Alberdi) – Chile

      Augusto (70) and Paulina (53) have been together for 25 years. He has lived with Alzheimer’s for almost a decade now, but they have grown closer than ever, and learnt how to be a couple even when he started not recognizing her.

    Docs for Sale

    Aside from the four films in competition, Chile also presents three more films via the IDFA Docs for Sale Forum:

    • I Am the Earth (dir. Maite Alberdi, Santiago Correa, Sebastián Fernandez; prod. Juan de Dios) – Chile

      A showcase of the Chilean initiatives that contribute with innovative solutions to face the planet’s transformation due to climate change.

    • Soy niño (dir. Lorena Zilleruelo; prod. Quentin Laurent, Elisa Sepulveda) – France, Chile

      Bastian, a young trans boy, has to face a very difficult time in life: adolescence.

    • A Tiempo Real – Vicente Ruiz (dir. Julio Jorquera; prod. Matias Cardone) – France, Chile

      The actress Patricia Rivadeneira (54) and the performer Vicente Ruiz (60) find a poorly recorded file of “Antígona,” a Greek tragedy performed to dismiss their participation in the counterculture of the eighties in Chile, which prompts them to reconnect with friends from a time of rebellion and pop in which they criticized their fearful and obedient social environment.

    Find more information about the complete Chilean representation in their IDFA 2022 catalogue

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