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Chilean Documentaries take the stage at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2024

The 31st edition of Sheffield Doc/Fest will take place from 12 to 17 June 2024. This year, Chilean documentaries will again make a strong impact with a variety of compelling stories and innovative projects. The delegation is presented by Chiledoc, a public-private initiative supported by ProChile and the Chilean Corporation of Documentaries (CCDoc). Over the past eight years, Chiledoc has built a strong relationship with Sheffield DocFest, reflecting the diversity and innovative spirit of Chilean documentary cinema.

International Competition premiere

One of the highlights of the Chilean lineup is the world premiere of Relentless Memory, directed by Paula Rodríguez and produced by Paola Castillo and Gema Juárez Allen. This documentary, competing in the festival’s international competition, follows Margarita, a Mapuche activist and researcher, as she uncovers her people’s silenced history. Guided by the diary of the Indigenous warrior Katrulaf, Margarita retraces the deportation routes of her ancestors.

Piropolis Explores Fire Brigade’s Struggle Amid Social Unrest

In the People & Community section, Piropolis, directed by Nicolas Molina and produced by Joséphine Schroeder and Francisca Barraza, offers a visually striking look at the Pompe France fire brigade in Valparaíso. The documentary captures the brigade’s challenges as they combat fires and navigate the social and political turmoil of the 2019 uprising. The arrival of Baptista, a French firefighter, to train the brigade adds an international dimension to the film. Piropolis also addresses the inclusion of women in this traditionally male-dominated group, highlighting the evolving dynamics within the brigade.


A Troop of Bears, directed by Christián Martínez, Paola Castillo, and Pachi Bustos, and produced by Castillo and Alejandra Díaz, has been selected for the festival’s MeetMarket. This project explores the encounter between the son of a disappeared detainee and the man who betrayed him during Chile’s military dictatorship.

As Sheffield Doc/Fest 2024 unfolds, the significant Chilean presence further proves the country’s rich tradition of storytelling and its ongoing efforts to engage with and enrich the global documentary film community.

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