Chiledoc returns to Cannes Docs for third year, showcasing 4 films

    Each year Cannes Docs invites a group of institutions to organize a work in progress. For 2022, and the third time, Chile is one of the guest countries and Chiledoc is one of the organizing institutions. This year, four projects will participate in this space on May 23. On the projects, ChileDocs’s director Paula Ossandón comments, “These four movies stand out for showing amazing characters, sensitive and imaginative stories, some with lots of humor. We know these will surprise industry agents”, Paula Ossandón, Chiledoc’s director, comments.

    In addition to the four works in progress, two films will also feature across other Cannes sections. These films are Matías Rojas’ Our Memory and Patricio Guzmán’s My Imaginary Country. Our Memory will be included in the Spotlighted Projects at Cannes Docs. Linked to the darkest chapter in Chile’s history, Our Memory is a hybrid documentary/fiction film in which a woman, faced with the imminent loss of her memory, ventures into a forest to unearth a secret, and tries to ask forgiveness for a guilt she has carried all her life. My Imaginary Country will be included as a special screening in the Official Selection. The same section where Guzmán’s The Cordillera of Dreams was awarded L’œil d’or award for Best Documentary in 2019. My Imaginary Country navigates Chile’s Social Outburst to the Constitutional Convention conformation told exclusively through female voices’ testimonies.

    Docs in Progress Showcase: Chile

    • Notes for a Film (dir. Ignacio Agüero; prod. Tehani Staiger, Viviana Erpel, Amalric de Pontcharra, Elisa Sepúlveda)
      From the renowned director of El diario de Agustín or Nunca subí el Provincia, Notes for a Film looks at the radical transformation of the recently pacified Araucanía territory towards the end of the 19th century.
    • The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine (dir. Alfredo Pourailly, prod. Francisco Hervé)
      The story of a rural gold miner who feels closer to death every day and whose son decides to build him a more professional gold-cropping machine.
    • Malqueridas (dir. Tana Gilbert; prod. Paola Castillo)
      A group of female inmates who, from jail, rebuild their motherhood experiences through videos and photographs recorded with banned mobile phones.
    • Asteroid 2518 (dir. Amanda Rutllant; prod. Constanza Luzoro)
      Amanda Rutllant goes into her great-grandfather’s life, a controverted astrophysicist that tried to build the largest telescope in the southern hemisphere during the Cold War.

    The full Marché du Film takes place from May 17 to 25.

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