From Santiago to Amsterdam: Chilean films at IDFA

Chile has made a notable appearance at the 2023 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), coordinating a delegation to engage with leaders in the global documentary sector. Diego Pino from Chiledoc remarks on the Chilean documentary sector’s growing international presence, with several films and projects selected for this prestigious festival. The selection this year showcases a variety of directorial voices and a rich diversity of subjects, indicative of the strength and variety in Chilean productions.

The festival will feature a special screening of Socialist Realism, a film by the late Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruíz, completed by Valeria Sarmiento and the production company Poetastros. This feature offers a critical perspective on the era before the 1973 Chilean coup.

In commemoration of the centenary of 16mm film, IDFA has curated a selection of Cinema Verité classics, including The First Year by Patricio Guzmán, which documents the early days of the Popular Unity government.

IDFA’s DocLab is showcasing Going Back Home MOTHER VR, a virtual reality project that enables incarcerated women to send and receive 360 video messages to and from their children, providing an ephemeral experience of home.

In the Signed section, IDFA highlights notable contemporary filmmakers, including Maite Alberdi with The Eternal Memory, a documentary about a couple’s journey through Alzheimer’s, and Mixtape La Pampa, an exploration of William Henry Hudson’s life and identity.

The Best of Fest section includes Malqueridas by Tana Gilbert, which examines motherhood within the confines of prison through secretly recorded footage.

The IDFA Forum, which facilitates the meeting of documentary filmmakers with potential financial and commercial partners, features Chilean projects like Celestial Twins – The Bardo VR, a virtual experience focused on ecological themes, and Knowing Your Nature, a mixed-reality project that encourages mindfulness through the exploration of a native forest.

Docs for Sale, a platform aiding in the sale and distribution of documentaries, includes Chilean films such as The Broken Goddess and In the Shadow of Light, as well as those selected for the festival like The Eternal Memory.

Chilean projects in the development stage will also be presented during the networking activities at the IDFA market, demonstrating the country’s continued investment in diverse and culturally significant documentary filmmaking.

Find more information at the complete Chiledoc IDFA 2023 catalogueHERE

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