Cinéma du Réel readies full programme for 2023 festival

Cinéma du Réel is back from 24 March to 2 April with a lineup of over 120 films that aim to showcase the diversity and evolution of the documentary genre. From emerging filmmakers’ first films to retrospectives of the works of Franssou Prenant, Olivier Zabat, and Jean-Pierre Gorin, the festival will also have special screenings and discussions on the state of the documentary field.

The festival’s First Window selection highlights the works of young creators creating outside of specific training environments, while also showcasing emerging practices. These films will be shown in theaters throughout the festival and will also be available online for viewers to vote for their favorite.

The Retrospective section of the festival features the works of Prenant, Zabat, and Gorin, who have all followed unconventional paths in the film industry. They share an understanding of film as «an intensive penetration of reality» , and their works represent artistic, political, and sensible journeys.

The festival’s Special Screenings section features sneak previews, opening and closing night films, French premieres of internationally acclaimed films, and two special sessions showcasing radio pieces in documentary and fiction. It also celebrates the works of Jean-Louis Comolli, the restoration of Luc Moullet’s Genèse d’un repas, and the work of Amos Gitai, 40 years after House first premiered at Cinéma du Réel.

Aside from the program of screenings and discussions, the festival also has two Interludes. One features 45 documentary filmmakers through the photographs of Stefano Missio, while the other invites viewers to experience an in-between moment of vacation in the great hall of the Center Pompidou, which will host the installation of Kingsley Ng. These escapes will provide an opportunity for viewers to take a break from the films’ movement and rhythm and invite them to walk and wander.

Cinéma du Réel is not only a festival but also a meeting point for the industry and an opportunity for all to question the current state of the documentary field. With its diverse and engaging lineup, the festival aims to spark conversations and inspire new perspectives on the world and cinema.

Find more information on the complete 2023 Cinéma du Réel programmeHERE

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