The Sweetest Sound

Alan Berliner

USA 2001, 60 min.

I made the terrible mistake of reading the press pack before I watched this film. Berliner’s hyperbolic claims about his film as “an engagement with history… the most difficult, the riskiest challenge… the irony of going deeper within, in order to tackle a ubiquitous universal subject….  recapitulating the inherent argument for the personal nonfiction film …” put me in a filthy mood by the time I slipped the tape into my VCR. The director’s self-absorbed self regard got my hackles up, especially in view of his back catalogue of home movie films and screen portraits of his own family.

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Lucinda Broadbent
Lucinda has worked for over 20 years as a Director and Executive Producer of UK and international documentaries for Channel 4, BBC, Scottish Television and Sky. She specialised in human rights and social justice films. Her prizes include Amnesty International’s Media Award and ECHO Human Rights Award.