CPH:DOX 2023: the complete winners

After the announcement of the CPH:FORUM Awards on Saturday, the winners for the international competitions at CPH:DOX have now been announced by the juries. Motherland by Alexander Mihalkovich & Hanna Badziaka from Belarus received the main prize, Dox:Award, for its dark and relevant themes. Other categories that also had prize winners include F:act Award, Nordic:Dox Award, New:Vision Award, Next:Wave Award and Politiken:Dox Award.

CPH:DOX 2023 winners

  • Dox:Award: Motherland by Alexander Mihalkovich & Hanna Badziaka (Sweden / Ukraine / Norway)
  • Special Mention: On the Edge by Nicolas Peduzzi (France)
  • F:act Award: Seven Winters in Tehran by Steffi Niederzoll (Germany / France)
  • Special Mention: The Hostage Takers by Puk Damsgaard & Søren Klovborg (Denmark)
  • Nordic:Dox Award: Mrs. Hansen & the Bad Companions by Jella Bethmann (Denmark)
  • Special Mention: Lynx Man by Juha Suonpää (Finland)
  • New:Vision Award: An Asian Ghost Story by Bo Wang (Netherlands / Hong Kong)
  • Special Mention: The Secret Garden by Nour Ouayda (Libanon)
  • Special Mention: Pacific Club by Valentin Noujaïm (France / Qatar)
  • Next:Wave Award: Queendom by Agniia Galdanova (USA / France)
  • Special Mention: The Last Year of Darkness by Benjamin Mullinkosson (China / USA)
  • Politiken:DOX Award: Apolonia, Apolonia by Lea Glob (Denmark)
  • Special Mention: The Mountains by Christian Einshøj (Denmark)

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