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CPH:DOX announces 9 projects for first physical Inter:Active Symposium

The CPH:DOX Inter:Active Symposium 2022 aims to bring together artists, curators, funders and distributors across film, games, theater, fine art and XR, to discuss where we are headed and how to collaborate to get there together.

This year’s first physical edition of CPH:DOX Inter:Active Symposium, curated and hosted by Mark Atkin, who is also the Head of Studies of CPH:LAB and curator of CPH:DOX’s Inter:Active Exhibition, will use the occasion to introduce the projects developed by CPH:LAB to consider the cultural landscape into which these works will emerge—How do we make sure that the future belongs to us?

The Inter:Active Symposium will take place on March 28, 2022 15:00 – 18:00 CET at CPH:DOX’s festival center at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, and will be available to all accredited guests and ticket holders. The event will also be live streamed.

The selection of nine CPH:LAB immersive documentary projects went through an intense, six-month development programme in 2021/2022 under the TRANSORMATION theme. The CPH:LAB projects deal with a wide range of contemporary topics explored via different immersive technologies such as VR, AR, video installation and live cinema.

These projects are coming from both acclaimed documentary filmmakers such as Jasmin Fedda (The Pathogen of War) or Mila Turajlić (Non-Aligned Newsreels), looking to expand their practice to the immersive field, experienced representatives of the VR industry such as Mads Damsbo from well-established VR studio Makropol (Dark Rooms-Enter Unknown Territory), as well as from talented newcomers to the doc industry, enriching it with new perspectives and stories – e.g. The Sacred Cave of Kamukuwaká has been developed in the Brazilian rainforest by a team around the indigenous filmmaker Piratá Waura.

Find outmore information on the CPH:LAB 2021/2022 selected projects- HERE

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