CPH:DOX announces climate-changed focused opening film: CPH:FORUM selections

    Taking place 21 April through 2 May 2021, CPH:DOX has announced its opening film, as well as CPH:FORUM projects.

    Kicking things off for the Copenhagen Documentary Festival will be Danish director Phie Ambo’s climate-change focused 70/30. The film asks profound and important questions: How do we fight climate change? At what cost? And are politicians ready to do what it takes? Seeking answers in following Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen, as well as young environmentalists.

    In further CPH:DOX news, 35 projects have been selected for the 2021 CPH:FORUM featuring a diverse representation of topics and storyteller. At the digital event, selected projects will be highlighted in individually curated pitch setups and introduced to cherry-picked financing partners. Amongst the projects for CPH:FORUM selected are new films from Jørgen Leth, Mads Brügger, Lucy Walker, Margreth Olin, Eugene Jarecki, Sophie Fiennes, and more.

    Find all the selected CPH:FORUM projects, as well as CPH:WIP (for Nordic works-in-progress) – HERE

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