CPH:DOX reveals 13 DOX:AWARD nominated films

CPH:DOX (15-25 March) has announced the full line-up of DOX:AWARD nominated films. All are world premieres that screen at the festival’s main competition. 13 films have been selected for this year’s competition.

2023 DOX:AWARD films

  • After Work (Erik Gandini, Sweden)
    A thought-provoking film that looks at the phenomenon of work in the 21st century with a sharp eye and an equally sharp humor.
  • Eat Bitter (Ningyi Sun & Pascale Appora-Gnekindy, Central African Republic/China)
    A local construction worker and a Chinese engineer are assigned to build a bank in the Central African Republic.
  • The Hearing (Lisa Gerig, Switzerland)
    Four asylum seekers reenact their conversations with the authorities in a role-playing game that reverses the roles.
  • Light Needs (Jesse McLean, United States)
    Generous and imaginative film about the inner life of houseplants, which takes other life forms seriously with creative and artistic originality.
  • Motherland (Alexander Mihalkovich & Hanna Badziaka, Sweden/Ukraine/Norway)
    Dark and monumental film from Belarus, where corruption and a brutal military culture push young people to choose sides.
  • On the Edge (Nicolas Peduzzi, France)
    A young doctor with an exemplary humanist spirit fights a brave battle to hold together the run-down Paris hospital where he works.
  • The Other Profile (Armel Hostiou, France)
    An elementally suspenseful and completely unpredictable detective story from Kinshasa, where a French film director has to find his own double.
  • Songs of Earth (Margreth Olin, Norway)
    The mountainous landscapes of Norway provide the monumental backdrop for a magnificent, existential journey with the filmmaker’s parents as its human yardstick.
  • A Storm Foretold (Christoffer Guldbrandsen, Denmark)
    Christoffer Guldbrandsen’s long-awaited film about Donald Trump’s former adviser Roger Stone is a chilling report from the rotten core of power.
  • Theatre of Violence (Emil Langballe & Lukasz Konopa, Denmark)
    An epic and unshakeable drama of guilt and punishment about the first ever court case against a former child soldier accused of crimes against humanity.
  • A Tiger in Paradise (Mikel Cee Karlsson, Sweden)
    A surreal journey into singer José González’s inner world of thoughts and shadows, staged with dark humor in the picturesque Swedish countryside.
  • Total Trust (Jialing Zhang, China)
    The first major film about the Chinese surveillance state is a disturbing tale of technology, abuse of power and (self-)censorship in the 21st century.
  • Vintersaga (Carl Olsson, Sweden)
    The human comedy unfolds in an aesthetically uncompromising and unmistakably Nordic saga in 24 chapters with dark humor and a sociological gaze.

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