CPH:DOX sets new dates for 2021 festival

Due to the current lockdown measure in Denmark anticipated to carry through the coming months, the 2021 edition of CPH:DOX will move its dates later in the Spring.

With original dates haveing been 17 – 28 March 2021, the new dates will now be 21 April – 2 May 2021. These new dates allow for CPH:DOX 2021 to continue in a hybrid format, better allowing for physical events and screenings in movie theaters together with an ambitious digital programme for national audiences as well as the international industry (26 – 30 April 2021).

On the move, CPH:DOX CEO Tine Fischer says:

«CPH:DOX was one of the first international documentary film festivals to go online and become digital. It happened in March 2020 when Denmark and most of the world were closing down completely. Our hope in 2021 is to become one of the first major film festivals to once again open the doors to cinemas and invite our audiences back into a collective and actively shared experience.»

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