DAFilms expands with new Asian domain; Soda retrospective

    Following its Americas launch in early 2020, DAFilms now launches a bespoke platform in Asia. For $6.99 (monthly)/$4.99 (annual), documentary and festival enthusiasts on the continent can explore Asian cinema all year round. Alongside this launch will be a major online retrospective of Japanese independent filmmaker Kazuhiro Soda (Inland Sea, Oyster Factory), whose «Ten Commandments» of filmmaking have become a manifesto for observational filmmakers the world over. The domain will also host Wang Bing’s acclaimed 8-hour Dead Souls.

    The creation of gives audiences the chance to engage with documentaries dealing with the affairs of their own societies, divorced from a foreign context and curated specifically to their own interests, cultural concerns, and sense of curiosity. Over its 15 years, DAFilms has developed close ties with festivals in the region, giving it an advantage in finding up-and-coming voices and trailblazing local mavericks with Soda’s body of work being a perfect example.

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