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Doc Society opens 2024 call for Climate Story Fund

The Doc Society Climate Story Fund is reshaping the narrative of climate change by financially backing stories that envision a climate-just future. Over the past three years, the initiative has allocated $3.3 million to 33 projects, with a focus on narratives that resonate with universal themes of community, place, and future generations, steering away from technical jargon.

The fund’s approach is to cultivate a diverse range of narratives, aligning with Michael Premo’s vision of stories “as diverse as the ecosystems we seek to save.” It targets narratives across genres, connecting with various audience segments, including those traditionally overlooked in climate conversations. These stories aim not just to inform but to foster deep connections and spur action towards climate justice.

Financially, the fund offers up to $150,000 grants, supporting both the completion of creative nonfiction projects and the impact pilots for completed works, covering fiction and nonfiction. Grantees are geographically diverse, spanning continents from Latin America to Southeast Asia. Distribution channels are equally varied, involving mainstream broadcasters like the BBC, digital platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, and even messaging services like WhatsApp. Further, collaborations with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ ensure wide reach and engagement.

The focus for 2024 is «Visions of a Climate Just Future».

Find more information and apply (Deadline: 7 February 2024)HERE

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