Doclisboa announces first details for 2021 festival

    The 19th doclisboa, to be held between 21 – 31 October, 2021, has announced its early programme details. Having already announced a complete retrospective of Ulrike Ottinger, Doclisboa will also bring a Cecilia Mangini retrospective.

    Cecilia Mangini, who passed away earlier this year, was one of Italy’s most important documentary filmmakers. The retrospective will also include a set of titles by her husband and also filmmaker Lino Del Fra, in which Mangini left her mark as an influential screenwriter and collaborator.

    Further titles have also been announced for Doclisboa’s «Heartbeat» and «From the Earth to the Moon» sections. The former features the likes of For Lucio (dir. Pietro Marcello), the world premiere of Vadim Kostrov’s Narodnaya Trilogy, Lydia Lunch – The War is Never Over (dir. Beth B) and more.

    In «From the Earth to the Moon», The First 54 Years – An Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation (dir. Avi Mograbi), All Light, Everywhere (dir. Theo Anthony), Factory to the Workers (dir. Srđan Kovačević), and more.

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