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DocPoint Helsinki announces full 2022 online festival programme

Finland’s DocPoint is organizing as a nationwide online festival for their 2022 edition, 31 January to 6 February 2022. Its opening event will be held in Kansalaistori Square in Helsinki city centre on 29 January and includes the screening of Susanna Helke’s latest film Ruthless Times – Songs of Care.

DocPoint’s further propgramme consists of 63 films in total, 52 of which are features. The National Programme includes thirteen long-waited documentary premieres. The International Programme includes films like Ascension, Faya Dayi, President, and Writing With Fire, which are all shortlisted for Academy Award for Best Documentary.

See below for the full National and International competitions. DocPoint will also feature a retrospective of academic Pirjo Honkasalo, which includes four masterful documentary films. Ticket sales have begun, which can be found via the DocPoint website.


  • Fragments of Humanity
  • Golden Land
  • Hockey Dreams
  • It’s Raining Women
  • Power of the People
  • Ruthless Times – Songs of Care
  • Shepherds of the Earth
  • Sorrow Tamers


  • All About My Sisters
  • Les Enfants Terribles
  • Faya Dayi
  • Life of Ivanna
  • The Mushroom Speaks
  • A Night of Knowing Nothing
  • One Take Grace
  • President
  • Sabaya
  • Trenches
  • Where Are We Headed

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