Sarajevo Film Festival 2024

Docudays UA announces full 2024 DOCU/PRO industry programme

The 21st Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, set to unfold in Kyiv from 31 May to 6 June, is not just a celebration of compelling narratives and visual storytelling. It is also a vital forum for industry professionals to converge, share knowledge, and foster collaboration. Central to this initiative are the DOCU/PRO programme, each offering unique insights and opportunities for engagement.

DOCU/PRO is a cornerstone of Docudays UA, presenting 13 events from 1-6 June designed to enhance the skills and networks of documentary filmmakers. Three key events are open to the public. On June 1, at the 1818 Rooftop space, a diverse panel of cultural representatives will discuss strategies for effectively communicating about the war abroad.

On 1 June, Jacques Pelissier, a distinguished film distributor from France, will host a session at KINO42. Pelissier will offer practical advice on how Ukrainian films can successfully enter and thrive in the European market.

6 June will feature a public conversation at DOCU/UKRAINE with directors Maryna Stepanska, Svitlana Lishchynska, Maria Stoianova, Mariia Ponomarova, and Tetiana Dorodnitsyna. They will explore the disruptions and new realities filmmakers face and how these challenges shape their creative processes.

For accredited industry professionals, DOCU/PRO offers 10 exclusive masterclasses and networking sessions. Highlights include a case study on editing with Michael Oglund, a masterclass on sound design by Vasyl Yavtushenko, and a workshop on intellectual property rights led by Karine Riahi. These sessions are designed to deepen technical skills and provide practical knowledge applicable to various stages of film production.

In addition, representatives from Suspilne Television will discuss collaboration opportunities with Ukrainian independent filmmakers, facilitating partnerships that could enhance the reach and impact of their work.

«Meet Professionals,» a returning segment of DOCU/PRO, offers one-on-one meetings with sales agents, broadcasters, and representatives from The Guardian Documentaries.

A new initiative, RAW DOC, focuses on filmmakers with rough cuts seeking expert feedback. During closed screenings, participants will present their works to international industry experts and receive constructive critiques. This programme aims to refine projects and prepare them for wider audiences, offering filmmakers the chance to connect with potential partners, including European public broadcasters and festival representatives.

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