Sarajevo Film Festival 2024

Dokufest announces jubilee edition competition films

Dokufest, running 6 – 14 August, has announced its 20th anniversary edition competition programme which will screen across the historic city of Prizren, Kosovo and the designated online platform.

Set across 8 competition sections, some 106 films will feature representing 60 countries. Aside from the competition programme, Dokufest has also announced the Re:set Re:mix Re:act will be the theme for this, its jubilee edition. Focusing on the RE, Dokufest will try to explore many facets and aspect of these words in the context of the world reemerging from pandemic and reimagining itself in this new situation.

The competition sections include Balkan Dox, International Doxs: Features, International Docx: Shorts, International Shorts, the National Competition, Humar Rights Dox, Green Dox, and Truth Dox. Across the selections films like All Light, Everywhere (dir, Theo Anthony), Little Palestine – Diary of a Siege (dir. Abdallah Al-Khatib), The Last Shelter (dir. Ousmane Samassekou), This Rain Will Never Stop (dir. Alina Gorlova), Courage (dir. Aliaksei Paluyan), The New Gospel (dir. Milo Rau), The Return: Life After ISIS (dir. Alba Sotorra Clua), The Wire (dir. Tiha K. Gudac), Living Water (dir. Pavel Borecký), Taming the Garden (dir. Salomé Jashi), Bellum – The Daemon of War (dir. David Herdies, Georg Götmark), Blue Box (dir. Michal Weits), Writing With Fire (dir. Rintu Thomas, Sushmit Ghosh), and many more.

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