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FIFDH announces full programme for 2023 Impact Days webinar

The fifth edition of the FIFDH Impact Days will kick off with the public webinar on Impact Filmmaking for Social Justice will be on 19 January 2023. In addition, new details reveal that some of the leading figures in the field will take you through best practices for ethical and accountable non-fiction storytelling, from development through to impact production and funding.

The session will open with a keynote by Working FilmsMolly Murphy, an organization that has partnered with and trained over 1,250 grassroots groups and NGOs in the art of collaborating for impact. There will also be a deep dive into the case study of the multi-award-winning and Oscar-nominated documentary Last Men in Aleppo (dir. Feras Fayyad).

There will also be the annual roundtable, where representatives from leading international foundations will discuss the ethics of funding impact. The panel includes Sabine Fayoux Cantillo, Associate Director of Program at Chicken & Egg Pictures; Ximena Amescua Cuencua, Manager of Artist Programs at Firelight Media and Gerry Leonard, Director of Filmmaker Services and Impact at Working Films. It will be Moderated by Naomi Walker, Co-Coordinator at Global Impact Producers Alliance GIPA.

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