FIFDH opens call for 2022 Impact Lab

The Swiss city of Geneva, the headquarter of the WHO, UNHCR, Human Rights Council, hundreds of NGOs, and philanthropists active in human rights protection and advocacy, hosts one of the leading events dedicated to film and human rights, the FIFDH. Through its Impact Days industry programme, film teams have the occasion to strategically connect with these key players to deliver a successful campaign for their impact-driven film.

Each year, FIFDH selects 16 documentary projects from around the world about urgent social or environmental issues and helps their teams craft their impact campaign through its Impact Lab (online on 25-26 January 2022), and connects them to dozens of NGOs, institutions, philanthropists, in Geneva.

This year’s Impact Lab will take place in Geneva from 8 to 9, March 2022, and its call for submissions is now open! Whether you have already developed an impact campaign around your film, or are willing to do so if selected your film will get the developmental support it needs. At the end of the event, an award is given for the best project.

Find all the information, requirements, and deadlines for the 2022 FIFDH Impact Lab Call for Projects – HERE

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