FIPADOC 2022: The complete winners

    The 4th edition of FIPADOC concludes today, Sunday 23 January 2033, and has announced its full winners. Led by Paweł Łoziński’s The Balcony Movie and Camille Ponsin’s Marie-José vous attend à 16h taking the Grand Prix International and National, respectively. See below for the compleete list of FIPADOC 2022 winners, including awards presented by Cine+, Tënk, audiences, and more

    FIPADOC 2022 winners

    • Grand Prix International Documentary: The Balcony Movie (dir. Paweł Łoziński) – Poland
    • Grand Prix National Documentary: Marie-José vous attend à 16h (dir. Camille Ponsin) – France
    • Grand Prix Musical Documentary: Paraiso (dir. Sérgio Tréfaut) – Portugal
    • Grand Prix Impact: Revolution of our Times (dir. Kiwi Chow) – Hong Kong
    • Prix Smart: Kusunda (dir. Felix Gaedtke & Gayatri Parameswaran) – Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, Nepal, Taiwan
    • Digital Storytelling Award: Seven Grams (dir. Karim Ben Khelifa) – France, UK, USA
    • Short Film Documentary Award: Angle Mort (dir. Lofti Achour) – Tunisia, France
    • New Talent Award: Que no me roben los sueños (dir. Zoé Brichau) – Belgium
    • Tënk Award: Sur Tes Cendres (dir. Jocahim Michaux) – France, Lebanon
    • Audience Award: Opéra de Paris, une saison (très) particulière (dir. Priscilla Pizzato) – France
    • Mitrani Award: En Mis Zapatos (dir. Pedro Morato) – Belgium
    • Cine+ Award: Babi Yar. Context (dir. Sergei Loznitsa) – Ukraine, Netherlands
    • PFDM Award: Option Education Sexuelle (dir. Marie-Pierre Jaury) – France
    • Young Europeans Award: A Parked Life (dir. Peter Triest) – Belgium, Netherlands

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