FIPADOC announces first programme selections for 2022 festival

    Biarritz’ FIPADOC has announced its first stage of programming for the 2020 festival edition. Taking place (pending health and safety measurements) 17 – 23 January 2022, FIPADOC has announced its opening film and two preview screenings. Additionally, the list of films presented out of competition: all films in the ENCORE DES DOCUMENTAIRES category, a programme featuring five major events this year, including a tribute to the great Dutch documentary filmmaker Heddy Honigmann and a new section dedicated to food and gastronomy. The competition selections will be announced on January 6.

    Opening Film & Preview Screenings

    • Opening: Buena Vista Social Club (dir. Wim Wenders)
    • Preview: Deneuve, la reine Catherine (dir. Virginie Linhart) – France
    • Preview: Flee (dir. Jonas Poher Rasmussen) – Denmark, France


    • A Man and a Camera by Guido Hendrikx (Netherlands, 2021)
    • By the throat by Effi Weiss and Amir Borenstein (Belgium, 2021)
    • Four Seasons in One Day by Annabel Verbeke
    • California Dreaming by Fabrizio Maltese (Luxembourg, 2019)
    • Les mots de la fin (Final Words) by Gaëlle Hardy and Agnès Lejeune (Belgium, 2021)
    • New Pigs on the Block by Jimmy Kets (Belgium, 2021)
    • Schwaarze Mann – un noir parmi nous (Schwaarze Mann – A Black Man Among Us) by Fränz
      Hausemer (Luxembourg, 2018)

    Guest of Honour: Heddy Honigmann

  • No hay camino – There Is No Path (2021)
  • 100UP (2020)
  • The Underground Orchestra (1998)
  • O amor natural (1996)
  • Metal and Melancholy (1994)
  • ARTE’S 30th Anniversary

    • Buena Vista Social Club by Wim Wenders (Germany)
    • Alma, une enfance de la violence (Alma: A Violent Childhood) (digital experience, 2012)
    • Glenn Gould: Hereafter by Bruno Monsaingeon (Canada, France, 2005)
    • The Missing Picture by Rithy Panh (France, Cambodia, 2013)
    • Language Does Not Lie by Stan Neumann (France, 2004)
    • Dancing Dreams – in The Footsteps of Pina Bausch by Rainer Hoffmann and Anne Linsel (Germany,
    • Opération Lune (Operation Moon) by William Karel (France, 2002)
    • Over the Limit by Marta Prus (Poland, Germany, Finland, 2017)
    • Récréations (Playtime) by Claire Simon (France, 1993)

    Taste of Doc

    • Arzak depuis 1897 (Arzak Since1897) by Asier Altuna (Spain, 2020)
    • Come Back Anytime by John Daschbach (Japan, 2021)
    • Guérande, un peu de la beauté du monde (Guérande, a Little Beauty in This World) by Sophie Averty
      (France, 2021)
    • The Taste of Desire by Willemiek Kluijfhout (Netherlands, 2021)
    • Le chef errant (The Wandering Chef) by Hye-Ryeong Park (South Korea, 2018)
    • And several digital experiences designed especially for children.

    Family Films

    • En terrain libre (On Free Land) by Marie Famulicki, Delphine Moreau and Corinne Sullivan (France, 2020)
    • L’appel du Nord (Call of The North) by David Guersan and Thibaut Branquart (France, 2020)
    • Ride the Wave by Martyn Robertson (United Kingdom, 2021)
    • Yukon, un rêve blanc (Yukon: A Dream in White) by Mathieu Le Lay (France, 2021)

    There will also be some 25 virtual and augmented reality works, 360° films, interactive documentary narratives, and web series to experience as part of the FIPADOC SMART Digital Experience. Find more information on this and the entire programme – HERE

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