IDF & DocuDays UA establish international Ukrainian programmers and curators list

Following the online discussion IDF Industry Session Decolonization of Old Ideological Constructs and Film Industry Practice, the Institute of Documentary Film and DocuDays UA has established a list of Ukrainian film curators (in alphabetical order) working with documentaries, fiction, experimental films, shorts and animation. The intention of this list highlights the need for more Ukrainian programmers and curators at international film festivals. For those interested in any kind of collaboration, including programming Ukrainian content, feel free to contact them.

On the initiative, DocuDays UA programmer Victoria Leshchenko says, “We appreciate so much that the Institute of Documentary Film and Dina Iordanova inspired us with an idea of the publication. In times of colonial war in our country the Ukrainian film community working with senses feels extremely fragile. It’s very easy to become invisible sitting in your own shelter, whether you’re in Ukraine or abroad. You will say how it’s possible – the whole world is about Ukraine and it’s full of Ukrainian festivals and screenings all over the world. I will answer that our community of Ukrainian curators and programmers is working like crazy because of this very reason – we have a unique (like never before) chance to become visible and we are still pushed by the fear of being invisible. It’s quite possible this wave of interest in Ukrainian culture will become lower. What we need from the international professional community, influential platforms and festivals, is a strong and consistent collaboration, interaction, long run projects and cooperations. So this all wouldn’t be a one time thing but a strategical movement which will help to do an extremely important decolonising job.”

Find the complete listHERE

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