IDF reveals full film selections for East Silver Market at the East Doc Platform 2023

The East Silver Market is set to debut at the East Doc Platform. The Institute of Documentary Film has arranged pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings between decision makers and creators of projects from the CEE region, with the aim of supporting the distribution and promotion of selected documentary films. Accredited guests can also access a videolibrary of East Silver and One World titles at the French Institute in Prague.

On March 28th, the market will hold one-on-one meetings, as well as a Mini-Market at the One World Festival IHRDFF, where decision makers will help find additional screenings at international festivals, distributors, and international sales agents.

East Silver Market titles at the East Doc Platform

  • A Year of Endless Days (orig. Godina prođe, dan nikako, dir. Renata Lučić, HR, 2022, 86′) – in postproduction
  • Blix Not Bombs (dir. Greta Stocklassa, 2023, Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, 85′)
  • BOY (orig. БОЙ, dir. Vladimir Loginov, 2023, Estonia, 10′) – in postproduction
  • Cabin Pressure (orig. KABINNYOMÁS, dir. Eszter Nagy, Sara Cziradir, HU, 2022, 80′) – in postproduction
  • The Dying of the Light (orig. Nestajanje svjetla, dir. Ivan Perić, Alvaro Congosto Martinez, HR, 2023, 68′) – in postproduction
  • Elevation (orig. Висота, dir. Max Rudenko, UA, FR, 2023, 90′) – in postproduction
  • Faces of Agata (orig. Twarze Agaty, dir. Malgorzata Kozera-Topińska, 2023, Poland, United Kingdom, 72′) – in postproduction
  • Falling (dir. Anna Gyimesi, 2023, Hungary, Belgium, Portugal, 16′) – in postproduction
  • Fight (dir. Lilit Movsisyan, 2023, Armenia, France, 71′) – in postproduction
  • Found by the One She Seeks (orig. Je nalezena tím, koho hledá, dir. Petr Michal, 2022, Czech Republic, 40′)
  • Fragments of Resilience (dir. Anna Semenova, 2022, Poland, Ukraine, 25′)
  • Funk YU (dir. Franko Dujmic, 2023, Croatia, Montenegro, 81′) – in postproduction
  • Hotel Metalurg (dir. Jeanne Nouchi, George Varsimashvili, 2023, France, Georgia, 90′) – in postproduction
  • Kiosk (dir. Daniel Stopa, 2023, Poland, 40′) – in postproduction
  • KIX (orig. ‘Sanyiék’, dir. Bálint Révész, Dávid Mikulán, 2023, Hungary, France, Croatia, 100′) – in postproduction
  • The Land You Belong (orig. PAMANTUL DE CARE APARTINEM, dir. Elena Rebeca Carini, 2023, Romania, Italy, 89′)
  • Notes from Eremocene (orig. Poznámky z Eremocénu, dir. Viera Čákanyová, 2023, Slovakia, Czech Republic, 78′)
  • One Aloe, One Ficus, One Avocado and Six Dracaenas (orig. Алоє, фікус, авокадо і 6 драцен, dir. Marta Smerechynska, 2022, France, Ukraine, 8′) – in postproduction
  • Our Daily Bread (orig. Pâinea noastră cea de toate zilele, dir. Serban Georgescu, 2023, Romania, 70′)
  • Smoke the Fire (orig. O Fumo do Fogo, dir. Daryna Mamaisur, 2023, Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary, 22′)
  • Well of Dreams (dir. Paweł Tarasiewicz, 2023, Poland, 73′) – in postproduction
  • We Will Not Fade Away (orig. Ми не згаснемо, dir. Alisa Kovalenko, 2023, Ukraine, France, Poland, USA, 99)
  • Who Am I Smiling For? (orig. Kellele ma naeratan, dir. Eeva Mägi, 2022, Estonia, 60′)
  • Woman of God (orig. Duhovnica, dir. Maja Prettner, 2023, Slovenia, 89′) – in postproduction

Mini-Market titles at the East Doc Platform

  • Overcoming the Darkness (orig. УКРАЇНА. ПЕРЕМАГАЮЧИ ТЕМРЯВУ, dir. Kinodopomoha (collective), Ukraine, 80′)
  • The Journalist and Her Jailers (orig. The Journalist and Her Jailers, dir. Adithya Sambamurthy, 2022, Germany, 52, 83)
  • After The Silence Was Broken (orig. Po prolomení ticha, dir. Mikoláš Arsenjev 2023 Czech Republic, 50′)
  • Absconded – Young Russians on the Run (orig. ABGETAUCHT – JUNGE RUSSEN AUF DER FLUCHT, dir. Anna Winzer, 2022, Germany)
  • Verified Couple (orig. PORNFLUENCER, 2023, dir. Joscha Bongard, Germany)
    • Find more information on the East Silver Market 2023 titlesHERE

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