IDFA adds special lost Dziga Vertov; announces Luminous and Frontlight titles

After disappearing for a century, Dziga Vertov’s long-lost masterpiece The History of the Civil War makes its world premiere via the IDFA on Stage programme. It will screen only once during the festival (20 November) and will be accompanied by a live score composed and performed by The Anvil Orchestra and its historian and restorer Nikolai Izvolov in attendance.

Meticulously restored over two years, this first-ever public screening promises to be a premier event of the Amsterdam-based documentary festival. Covering key events and figures of the Russian Civil War, among them Leon Trotsky, the grandiose cinematic work can be considered one of Vertov’s first author experiments and a steppingstone to his iconic Kino-Pravda series.

IDFA has also announced titles making up its Luminous and Frontlight sections. The former, IDFA’s premiere only section, features new films from the likes of Peter Nicks, Etna Özbek, Nina Guseva, among its nineteen titles. The other premiere-only section, Luminous, then features new work from María Alvarez, Chiara Marotta, Natyvel Pontalier and more among its respective 21-film lineup.

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