IDFA 2020

For its 33rd edition, 18 – 29 November 2020, IDFA will present its program in cinemas and extend it across virtual screenings.

Though screening will have potentially reduced capacity, all selected films will premiere physically before running online for Dutch audiences via IDFA Virtual Cinema. For 2020, some 200 titles will be selected and judged by usual prestigious juries, with all program sections staying intact except for the thematic focus programs and IDFA on Stage. Filmmakers and accredited guests are welcomed in Amsterdam, and IDFA remains committed to introductions and live Q&As remaining a central aspect of the festival experience, whether physically or online.

IDFA DocLab will return to Amsterdam’s Tolhuistuin and limited capacity events at venues like ARTIS Planetarium.

Online specific activities for 2020 will include IDFA Forum, Docs For Sale, and IDFAcademy.

IDFA submissions remain open until 1 July (interactive) and 1 August (films).