Shadow World

Johan Grimonprez (2016)

USA 2016, 1h 34min.

The Shadow World is a grim film, and a fantastic and beautiful film, featuring poems by Eduardo Galeanos and General Smedley Butler’s piece on the 21,000 new dollar-millionaires who evolved from the Great War.  Billion after billion disappeared into the pockets of a select few.

In the 1980s, when President Ronald Reagen wanted to sell weapons for several billion dollars to Saudi Arabia, Israel put a stop to it. So, he handed the trade over to the British Prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia had forged close ties to both the British and the US. The British sold 43 million pound worth of weapons to the Saudis, including six billion pound in commission – in other words, more than 60 million kroner of pure corruption, and also, of course, prostitutes.

Shadow World is based on the eponymous book and features an interview with weapons dealer Riccardo Privitera. He explains that in big business only two things matter: money and sex.

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