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Intimacy versus American convention
(Reconstructing Utøya / 22 July)

Between the two recent films depicting the Utøya massacre, Reconstructing Utøya is the one that succeeds.

Authoritarian or Democratic?

At the Oslo Freedom Forum’s (OFF) press conference, a question from the audience makes tempers flare.

Soothing reconstructions of the Utøya massacre
(Reconstructing Utøya (work in progress))

If you can only bear watching one film about Utøya, Reconstructing Utøya is worth the wait.

Interpretation and prejudice

Dramatizations of our great national tragedy are lining up. Why is it more sensitive that a foreigner tells the story of 22 July tan one of our own filmmakers?

The Medicated Generation: Controlling Feelings and Thoughts
(Cause of Death)

The pharmaceutical industry paves the way for the society of the future, in which tens of thousands of deaths are considered just a side effect.

Into the billionaires’ pockets
(Shadow World)

«The war on terror» keeps journalists occupied and silences the population, all the while the war rearmament provides enormous profits – to the select few.

Inaccurate about Scandinavian loneliness
(The Swedish Theory Of Love)

Do our individualistic lifestyles really make us happy?

RAPHAEL SCHUTZ: Being the Israeli Ambassador to Norway

The background for this interview were six, quite insistent, emails from the Israel Embassy in Norway, to end their Modern Times subscription, and have the remaining amount refunded. This led me to believe that the Embassy did not want to read the criticism directed at Israel in our columns. I wrote a Facebook comment about this; hinting at this totalitarian attitude, evident in completely ignoring all forms of criticism.

DRONES: A Little Piece of Norway

The threshold for killing someone is lower when you do not have to see those you kill. New leaks reveal the brutality of the US drone programme.

Refugees, aestheticized
(Imagining Emanuel)

Can a refugee in a film become too aesthetic, losing his ethical relevance?