Ji.hlava IDFF announces 2022 Docu Talents from the East project selections

On 15 August, nine new documentary projects will be presented at the Sarajevo Film Festival CineLink Industry Day as part of the 2022 Docu Talents from the East – the traditional presentation of documentary films in post-production from Central and Eastern Europe

Organized and curated by the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival since 2005, Docu Talents from the East awards one project will receive the Docu Talent Award (in cooperation with Current Time TV) and the DAFilms.com Distribution Award. The awards are presented by a jury consisting of Natalia Arshavskaya (Current Time TV), Martichka Bozilova (Agitprop), Ben Dalton (Screen International), Nina Numankadić (DAFilms), and Jarmila Outratová (Ji.hlava IDFF).

Docu Talents from the East 2022

  • What’s to be Done (dir. Goran Dević; prod. Hrvoje Osvadić) – Croatia
  • So Far From Mikulov (dir. Marie Dvořáková; prod. Pavel Berčík, Marie Dvořáková, HBO Europe, PubRes) – Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA
  • Yoyogi (dir. Max Golomidov; prod. Volia Chajkouskaya, Ivo Felt) – Estonia, Japan
  • Street Poets (dir. Edyta Adamczak, Michał Mądracki; Edyta Adamczak) – Poland
  • Between Revolutions (dir. Vlad Petri; prod. Elena Martín) – Romania, Iran, Croatia, Qatar
  • The Boundaries of Fidelity (dir. Diana Fabiánová; Silvia Panáková) – Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • Dad’s Lullaby (dir. Lesia Diak: prod. Lesia Diak) – Ukraine
  • You Know it’s Going to be About War (Working Title) (dir. Olha Tsybulska; prod. John Emil Richardsen) – Norway, Ukraine
  • Tomorrow (dir. Khosro Khosravi; prod. Khosro Khosravi) – Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, Iran

Find more information on the 2022 Docu Talents from the East projectsHERE

Featured Image: Between Revolutions, a film by Vlad Petri

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