The documentary Jung (war) – in the Land of the Mujaheddin breaks the imperviousness by taking us right to the middle of the civil war to meet the Afghan people in the midst of front-line combat and going behind the veils of the women.

Filmmakers Fabrizio Lazzaretti and Alberto Vendemmiati followed a war surgeon from the NGO Emergency on his mission in Afghanistan of building a hospital for civilian war victims. The story is told in two parts, the first part follows the surgeon’s research trip as well as a war correspondent who travels around the front zones talking to Mujaheddin commander Massoud, Taliban POWs, children and Mujaheddin women who are forced to wear chandors. His investigations provide for the background information for and insight into the current situation in Afghanistan. The war surgeon travels around to talk to political leaders and to visit primitive surgeries, which are small, dark dirty rooms with hardly any equipment or medicine for performing amputations and treating the wounded under conditions that are potentially as harmful as they are healing for the patients. This first part was made as a separate film and shown on RAI to raise money for the hospital (200,000 US$ came in from the viewers).

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