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Krakow Film Festival announces first International Competition titles

The 64th edition of the Krakow Film Festival is set to premiere two remarkable Swedish documentaries, promising a deep dive into complex and universal human experiences. The films, The Andersson Brothers by Johanna Bernhardson and Son of the Mullah by Nahid Persson, will be showcased at the event, spanning the end of May and the beginning of June.

The Andersson Brothers offers a raw and intimate portrayal of the life of Roy Andersson, a celebrated figure in European cinema, through the lens of his niece, Johanna Bernhardson. Far from his public persona, the film delves into the family’s struggles with alcohol addiction and internal discord. Bernhardson crafts a sensitive narrative, avoiding sensationalism and focusing instead on a compassionate portrayal of her family members, highlighting their humanity and shared moments.

In contrast, Son of the Mullah, directed by Iranian-born Nahid Persson, tells the harrowing story of Roohollah Zama, a well-known dissident from Tehran. Despite finding refuge in Europe, Zama’s sense of security remains elusive, reflecting broader themes of political oppression and the pervasive threat of misinformation. Persson, known for her socially and politically charged films, offers an incisive look into the lives of activists fighting against the Iranian regime and the personal costs of their resistance.

Both documentaries, though distinctly different in their narratives, transcend local boundaries and touch on universally relevant themes such as family, addiction, and the struggle for freedom and safety.

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