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Doc Society, Field of Vision, and Sundance Institute are amongst the major North American documentary associations who have collaborated on «Independent Filmmaking in the Time of Coronavirus», a living document that considers shooting and safety during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Presented in a three-part structure, the document begins with a question: «The Big Question: Should I be filming at all?”, which surveys the ethical questions of filmmaking during this time. The second question posed: «The Risk Assessment: What are the consequences of going ahead?», breaks the filmmaking procedure down into sections – Legal, Journalism, Insurance, Health, and Circle of Care – addressing how each has been affected and may continue to be affected. Finally, «Coronavirus Protocols: what’s the safest way to organize the shoot?» runs down the various recommendations in terms of safety (ie. social distancing, regular temperature checks, etc).

This living document is accessible via google docs and welcomes the participation of the entire documentary community as new guidelines and protocols become available. The full document also contains a variety of useful links and resources for filmmakers and all involved in the documentary production chain.